Maveric Systems delivers a wide variety of services in the field of electronic engineering. Listed below are some of the services delivered but please contact us with your specific enquiry.

A complete design service is offered that includes a working prototype and a complete production file. A list of the component suppliers and information of a production house is supplied. Complete or partial designs can be bought from Maveric Systems, depending on the needs of the customer and the scope of the project. Options in terms of the intellectual property of the development are negotiable and a trade-off between development cost and production rights can be negotiated.

:: Hardware Design and Printed circuit board (PCB) design and manufacturing


:: Schematic design

:: PCB Layout
:: High power PCB design
:: Analogue design
:: Digital design

Maveric Systems uses Altium as its primary design tool. We have license for KiCad as well. We are also proficient in OrCad and Mentor Graphics under license agreement.


:: Software Design - Embedded development


:: CCS Microchips Family
:: Immagecraft AVR Family
:: Keil ST and NXP Arm and Cortex3   

:: GNU Avr and Arm (Not preferred)


Maveric Systems has experience with a variety of embedded processors. Ranging from NXP, ST, Atmel, Microchip and more. We have our own compiler support structure.

:: Prototyping


:: Complete product prototyping
:: PCBs, software, Enclosures


Maveric Systems have a wide field of expertise that ensures that the correct manufacturer is contacted for the best QQT. (Quality, Quantity and Time).

:: Mechanical design


:: 2D and 3D Designs
:: 2D and 3D


Maveric Systems Utilises Soliworks to ascertain the required documents that would be used in sheet metal.

:: PC Interface and Applications


:: Win32 API
:: MySQL


Maveric Systems has gathered a library of modules on Visual Studio and MySQL that can be used in its entirety or as modules to help with your requirements.

:: Production assistance

:: Creating data files for manufacturing
:: Component sourcing



Maveric Systems Utilizes and works to a strict ISO9000 standard. We can assist you with your production setup, documentation creation. We can also assist you on sourcing long lead time and components that will increase margin and product serviceability.


:: Power electronic component supplies


:: Semiconductors
:: Power Supplies (SMPS)
:: Power Electronics (MOSFETs)
:: Contactors


Maveric Systems has a growing inventory ranging from Semiconductors, Switch Mode Power Supplies and Power Electronic. Let us know your requirement and we can supply you with your requirements.


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